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40-A Peco Road Badami Bagh Lahore.

Shalimar Group Of Companies

Shalimar Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd is more than just a company. It is a mission that understands its responsibility in contributing to a better and stronger tomorrow. Started, as a single manufacturing unit in Lahore, In 1954 by Late Mian Ghulam Muhammad, Now it has developed into a multi-diversified group of companies. With the superior strategic planning of our top management and the steady efforts of our employees, we are now not only the oldest and largest manufacturer of steel rolled profiles in Pakistan but also the leading name in steel making & Re-Rolling in Pakistan.

Our Mission

Shalimar Group Of Companies (Pvt) Ltd is a slogan of quality & customer satisfaction Quality has always been our first priority and in this regard our management is enthusiastically committed to using advance technologies and methods to manufacture every single product in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard. Being an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2001 certified company, we are providing consistent quality products and services to our customers at a competitive price, which leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty

Spectro Lab

Quality in everyday life and business, engineering and manufacturing has a pragmatic interpretation as the superiority or usefulness of something. Shalimar Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd initiative towards total quality management by incorporation ISO and other standard specifications have allowed it to benchmark its existing operation and management practices with the best in the industry and establish itself as the supplier of choice by delighting its customers with its services and products. We are specialized in equipment for steel making and re-rolling mill plants. The process of manufacturing rolling steel in steel plants has been innovated by experts having colossal experience in developing these mills by international quality norms at our manufacturing facilities.A most modern and sophisticated material testing facility with the latest equipment (SPECTRO LAB) from Germany is used to analyze the steel samples (24 elements) by a highly-experience and trained staff.

Al-Ibrahim Trust and Jamia Masjid & Madrassa

Shalimar Group of Companies  (Pvt) Ltd is involved in various humitarian and social projects. it has a twenty-bed hospital by the name of Al-Ibrahim Trust for poor and needy patients. Together with a free dispensary that provides medicines free of cost.

Shalimar Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd has also constructed a Jamia Masjid with a Madraasa where more than 50 children get religious education and Hifiz (memorize) Quran. The company plans to take up other causes for the welfare and betterment of society.