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Quality Assurance

Spectro Lab

Quality in everyday life and business, engineering and manufacturing has a pragmatic interpretation as the superiority or usefulness of something. Shalimar group of companies (Pvt) Ltd initiative towards total quality management by incorporation ISO and other standard specifications have allowed it to benchmark its existing operation and management practices with the best in the industry and establish itself as the supplier of choice by delighting its customers with its services and products. We are specialized in equipment for steel making and re-rolling mill plants. The process of manufacturing rolling steel in steel plants has been innovated by experts having colossal experience in developing these mills by international quality norms at our manufacturing facilities.A most modern and sophisticated material testing facility with the latest equipment (SPECTRO LAB) from Germany is used to analyze the steel samples (24 elements) by a highly-experience and traned staff.

Wokring on Spectro

The principle of the analysis method of SPECTRO’s stationary metal analyzers is optical emission spectroscopy. Sample material is vaporized on the spark stand by an arc or spark discharge. The atoms and ions contained in the atomic vapor are excited into emission of radiation. The radiation emitted is passed to the spectrometer optics via an optics via an optical fiber, where it is dispersed into its spectral components. From the range of wavelengths emitted by each elements the most suitable line for the application is measured by means of a photo multiplier.The radiation intensity, which is proportional to the concentration of the element in the sample, is recalculated internally from a stored set of calibration curves and can be shown directly as percent concentration.

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